Wine Sommelier System

Wine Sommelier System


Our art-inspired revolutionary Wine Connoisseur Sommelier System is as smart as it is beautiful, perfectly chilling and aerating each glass of wine in less than two minutes.
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Product Details

  • Weight: 6.8kg / 15lbs
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.30x16x15.79 inches

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Wine Connoisseur?

    Wine Connoisseur is your personal sommelier, offering wine aficionados and novices alike the perfect wine every time. The ultimate luxurious, single serve wine sommelier system seamlessly works to aerate, cool, and serve one glass of wine in under two minutes. We pair renowned varietals and vineyard offerings to bring you the most premium wine selection and experience. Wine Connoisseur allows you to enjoy your favorite wines and broaden your wine palates while saving time and reducing waste.

  • Does the wine connoisseur machine save time?

    Wine Connoisseur enables you to have a glass of wine at the perfect temperature and aerated in less than two minutes. The ideal drinking temperature for a glass of white wine or rosé is 42 degrees to 47 degrees. Traditionally, it can take up to three hours in the fridge or 40 minutes in the freezer to chill wine to the perfect temperature. Wine Connoisseur eliminates the lengthy chilling process, by serving your wine to the perfect temperature in less than two minutes and saving you a tremendous amount of time in the process.

  • How does Wine Connoisseur allow you to try new wines?

    Previously, trying four different varietals (i.e., Napa Chardonnay, Oregon Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz, and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) would require purchasing and opening four individual bottles of wine. For the first time ever, you can enjoy a variety of quality wines one glass at a time. Whether you are entertaining guests or drinking with your partner, the inconvenience of opening multiple bottles based on different wine preferences is now a thing of the past with Wine Connoisseur. Each person can enjoy his or her preferred wine without opening multiple bottles.

  • What are the cost savings Wine Connoisseur offers?

    As with a pot of coffee, the average consumer typically drinks just one to two glasses of a bottle of wine and disposes of the rest. Wine Connoisseur allows you to serve one glass of wine at a time at your own pace and, in turn, minimizes the cost and waste of wine that ends up not getting consumed.

  • Why would you not pour wine directly from the sachet?

    The premium technology featured within the Wine Connoisseur device was engineered to optimize the user experience from beginning to end. With the press of a button, Wine Connoisseur works to chill, aerate, and serve the perfect glass of wine every time. The same results cannot be achieved if you pour a sachet directly into a glass.

  • Why would you not just purchase a can of wine?

    While a can of wine can be easily transported, it doesn’t offer the same caliber or quality of taste. The majority of canned wines also do not have a vintage and are not variety or vineyard specific. Wine Connoisseur simply offers a much more elevated and curated experience for the discerning consumer.

  • What problems does Wine Connoisseur solve to make the users' life easier?

    Purchasing cases of wine presents a few challenges including the extra storage space requirements and the need for transportation to bring heavy cases from store to home.

  • Why WC Proprietary Wine Sachets?

    Glass bottles are and continue to be a problem for the planet. Making glass bottles requires incredible amounts of heat and energy. Couple that with transporting them, which requires a lot of fuel, and the more fuel burned the more greenhouse gasses are produced. Wine Connoisseur set out to change all that with our proprietary single serve wine sachets that ensure the wine has up to two-year shelf life and is recyclable through TerraCycle.