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Why You Need to Invest in A Wine Dispenser




wine dispenser

Unlike most other beverages, wine has a unique culture and history, making it a significant drink in many people’s lives. Wine culture is varied and widespread, from wine enthusiasts who can name a varietal and vintage from a single sip to everyday wine drinkers who simply love to try new things. 

Unfortunately, culture can also create barriers for some people, and in the case of wine, price is often the most challenging factor to overcome. 

Of course, there are affordable wines everywhere; we’re not saying that wine is a ridiculously overpriced item. However, the reality is that many people can’t enjoy wine as much as they would like to, and that’s due mainly to the price of a bottle of wine. Add those costs in with wine glasses, corkscrews, aerators, and other wine-related products, and all of a sudden, wine drinking has become too expensive of a hobby!

Here at Wine Connoisseur, we know how frustrating it can be to appreciate good wine without having it consistently. Everyone should be able to enjoy what they love without having to worry about the finances behind it. While we can only do so much to change the industry as a whole, we do have a solution that might prove to be the answer; wine dispensers. 

Over the last ten years or so, we’ve all seen the explosion of popularity in single-serving products. With machines like the Keurig coffee dispenser and products like Tide pods, convenience has become a high priority for many folks. The story is no different when it comes to wine, as new wine appliances have started to cater to convenience rather than exclusivity. 

If you’re having a hard time picturing a wine dispenser, we don’t blame you! It’s a relatively recent innovation in the wine industry, and it can be hard to imagine a product that you’ve never really seen before. Thankfully, we’re here to help you fill in all the gaps!

This article will walk you through all the advantages a wine dispenser provides and why it might just be your next investment! If you’re ready for a perfect glass of wine at the push of a button, then this is the article for you. 

invest in a wine dispenser

Out With The Bottle...

While wine is immensely popular and won’t drop in popularity any time soon, some minor issues can turn people away from drinking wine regularly. As we previously mentioned, one of those factors is price, but more specifically, it’s the price and amount that can often be an issue. 

Even if someone enjoys a particular wine, they might not buy it simply because it comes by the bottle, rather than in smaller, more manageable increments. This is why “wine by the glass” is such a popular restaurant offering! Currently, if you want to have a single glass of wine, you can risk spoiling the entire bottle if you’re not careful. As soon as a bottle of wine is uncorked, the clock starts ticking, and unless you drink the whole bottle in a few days or you have a high-quality wine storage system, your wine will tend to spoil faster than you can handle. 

And In With The Dispenser!

A high-quality wine dispenser machine will not only provide a more accessible and manageable way to enjoy wine, but it will also prevent wine spoilage, have perfect portion control, and possibly even expand your vino-tasting horizons! Now that you know a little bit more about why people are leaving wine bottles behind, here are some reasons why you should make the switch to a dispenser.

No More Wine Waste

With a good wine dispensing system, you can practically eliminate any chance of wasting wine. Because there’s no bottle to re-cork and no extra wine sitting around after you finish drinking, the whole process becomes pretty much seamless. You don’t even have to worry about spilling when you’re pouring wine, so every last drop makes it into your glass. 

Aeration to Perfection

While we know that wine can spoil if it’s exposed to air for too long, you still want it exposed to some amount of air. This process is called aeration, or letting the wine breathe, and it can be crucial to maximizing the flavor and aroma of your wine. You can achieve the aeration process in a few ways, but it’s hard to guarantee the perfect amount of exposure. 

Side Note: Only red wine requires aeration! Rosés and White Wines won’t benefit from the process as much, and in some cases, you can downright ruin a wine with air, so proceed with caution. 

Some people simply pour the wine and let it sit in the glass, as this provides more surface area for the wine and air to interact. You can also invest in a handheld aerator, which will use a specialized large aerating chamber to inject oxygen into the wine as you pour. Wine aerator/pourer combos exist as well, so you can simply attach a device to the top of the bottle and pour away! For the real high-tech folks out there, there are even electric wine aerators/dispensers, which sometimes don’t even require you to lift the bottle! 

Unfortunately, most aerators don’t guarantee perfect aeration, leaving some room for human error. However, with the right wine dispenser, you get the ideal level of aeration every single time, without fail. It’s a foolproof way to get better tasting wine! 

Finding the Right Temperature

After portion control and aeration, the temperature is one of the final factors to account for when you’re drinking wine. Depending on the type of wine you want to drink, you’ll need to prepare the bottle accordingly, either chilling the bottle if it’s a white or rosé wine or letting it sit at room temperature if it’s a red. You can usually get pretty close to the correct temperature on your own, but a wine dispenser removes all of the guesswork. 

At the push of a button, you can tell your wine dispenser what type of wine you’re in the mood for, and it will get the temperature right every time. It’s like having 5-star customer service in your own home! 

Becoming a Wine Connoisseur

Not all wine dispensers are created equal, so we wanted to make sure we got the best of all worlds here at Wine Connoisseur. The Wine Connoisseur is a wine opener, aerator, and dispenser all in one, and thanks to some of our innovations, we think you might just want to take a look! 

Based on the convenience of single-serving coffee machines, we created specialized sachets of wine that allow you to pour wine by the glass without having to worry about the rest of the bottle! Our sachets are sponsored by a variety of premium wines at a much lower cost than you might find at some liquor stores, and they come with the guarantee of a perfect glass every time. 

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