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Red Wine Types To Always Have in Stock




Glass of red wine to keep in stock

From the full-bodied bravado of a Syrah to the lighter touch of a Pinot Noir, red wine contains a near-infinite complexity of flavors and textures. 

If you haven’t quite found the one that suits you yet, then you probably haven’t tried enough different types of red wine.

If you like entertaining you care about broadening your horizons, you should always have a delicious introductory wine like Merlot and Cabernet on-hand along with a Nebbiolo or Malbec for the more adventurous among us. 

Let’s learn all about the must-have red wine varietals to impress your guests at your next dinner party, barbeque grill-out, or quiet night-in.

Red wine types to always have in stock

Pinot Noir

Grown from the slopes of the European Alps to the rich soil of the Andes in Chile, a fruity Pinot Noir should always be on hand when entertaining guests. This light-bodied red wine is a great introduction for those who generally gravitate toward sweet red wine types like a Lambrusco or Ruby Port.

Most Pinots come with intense acidity which allows for lighter pairings than those typically found in the world of red such as chicken or salmon.

Pinot grapes are some of the most fickle and temperamental in the world of red wine, which leads to higher highs and potentially lower lows. It also means Pinot is often more expensive than other reds. But if you find a great Pinot, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is the price.

Take our DeLoach Pinot for example. The vibrant fruit aromas of passionfruit and peach are pleasing on the palate with a smooth, long finish.  If you haven’t yet fallen in love with Pinot, try a sachet of our delicious DeLoach. You might just discover your new favorite varietal.


Malbec has been popular in French blended varieties for over a century now, but it’s still a fringe choice on many wine menus. It’s time that changed. 

Grown all across the southern hemisphere from New Zealand to South Africa and Argentina, this varietal is finally beginning to grow in popularity, and rightfully so. 

Striking a delicious contrast between dry and fruity, Malbec is one of the most affordable and consistent dry red wine types on the market. Indeed, it stands out amongst its competition by providing a relatively short finish, making it a great pair for lean red meats like a flank steak or top round roast.

A mouthwatering glass of Syrah


Occupying the bolder spectrum of any red wine types chart, this full-bodied red wine originated in the French Rhone Valley but has since become one of the most popular grapes grown in Australia’s developing wine regions. 

Each sip of Syrah delivers firm tannins and tastes delightfully dry on the palate, making it a perfect pair for intense spices and meats on the darker side like garlic-roasted chicken thighs.

Syrah is the perfect option for an enthusiast who has already fallen in love with Merlot or Cabernet and is looking for something a bit more adventurous. Syrah can be delightfully fruity as well as rich and earthy, and you should definitely pick up a sachet or two to venture out further into the vibrant world of red wine. 


While Nebbiolo grapes can be found in vineyards all across the globe, the vast majority are grown on the lush, rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy. 

Known for its intense acidity and tannin, Nebbiolo makes a delicious partner to milky cheese and fatty, creamy dishes like a braised duck.

In a glass of Nebbiolo, you’ll likely find subtle notes of cherry, rose, and leather. This more mature, challenging flavor profile makes Nebbiolo a wine more commonly sipped by experienced enthusiasts rather than newcomers. But that’s no reason to be frighted of this varietal.

Not only does each sip promise bold flavors and punchy acidity, but Nebbiolo is one of the best wines for quick aging. If you’re looking to expand your horizons into all that’s possible within Italian wine, definitely pick up a sachet of Nebbiolo.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced and loved from Australia to Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon’s well-rounded qualities have allowed it to become the most popular wine in the world. 

Covering a wide range of aromas from fruity fragrance to oaky earth, Cabernet Sauvignon makes a wonderful introduction to red. The tannins and flavor compounds within Cabernet provide a brilliant foundation for aging. 

Older vintages taste particularly mellow and smooth, making each sip a great pair for a wide spectrum of rich, meaty foods.

Craft your red wine with the Wine Connoisseur


Not to be confused with white Zinfandel, a true Zinfandel is a full-bodied red wine originating from Croatia and often found paired with the fresh dishes found in Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. 

A great Zinfandel highlights the allure of red wine with a big personality. In fact, red Zinfandel is one of the most commonly found in California red blends due to its bold flavors and robust tannins.

Try a red Zinfandel for your next grilling session, as the complex flavors bring out the best in a juicy burger or meaty rack of ribs.


Moderate tannins. Pleasant acidity. Delicious flavor.

Merlot makes a perfect introduction to red wine and is definitely a varietal you need on hand for the more skeptical guests at your next wine party. 

Merlot makes red wine easy, approachable, and appealing to the burgeoning enthusiast. Its popularity only trails Cabernet Sauvignon due to its versatility and ability to serve a wide array of palettes.

This medium-bodied varietal bursts with notes of plums, cherry, and blackberry along with subtle hints of vanilla or tobacco in the oakier varieties.

This varietal is perfect for when you don’t quite know your guests’ tastes. Providing a well-rounded taste from start to finish, Merlot certainly belongs in the category of “sure-to-please!”

Relish your red wine with the Wine Connoisseur

Relish Your Reds With The Wine Connoisseur

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of red or a long-standing enthusiast, there’s always an opportunity to expand your repertoire of delicious, bold-tasting red wines. 

From the well-rounded introductory reds of Merlot and Cabernet to the peppery, fragrant flavors of Nebbiolo and Syrah, there’s a vast diversity of options on offer in the world of red wine. Did we mention exploring every different wine only becomes even easier with our recyclable 150 mL sachets!

Once you have your reds on-hand, make the most of each glass by serving at your chosen varietal’s proper temperature and oxidation levels. Of course, perfectly calibrating each glass to its best conditions can transform a relaxing wine night into a stress-filled evening.

Avoid the hassle. Sip and relax with the Wine Connoisseur.

With an elegant single-serve design, the Wine Connoisseur expertly calibrates each varietal to its optimal serving temperature and oxidation levels. Achieve a perfect glass of wine every time with scrumptious varietals like our Bored Poet Red Blend, DeLoach Pinot Noir, and Graveyard Shift Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Only with the Wine Connoisseur are you able to fully relish and enjoy each red varietal in your growing repertoire.

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