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How to Pour The Perfect Glass of Wine




how to pour wine

If you’ve never had a glass of wine poured for you at a restaurant, you might be surprised at the amount of “fanfare” that can go into it. After all, it’s just a glass of wine, right? If you’ve seen the process done before, you’ll know that it’s a pretty specific routine, and it’s practically the same regardless of the restaurant you are in. 

So why is pouring wine such a big deal, and does it really change anything about the drink? 

To answer that question, we’ll take you through the entire wine pouring process! From selecting the proper glass to pouring techniques, this article will explore the proper way to pour a glass of wine as well as an even better way to pour a glass of wine. 

The Nitty Gritty

For those of us who mostly just drink at home, pouring a glass of wine might seem like common sense. However, there are generally accepted guidelines for pretty much every aspect of wine pouring, including: 

  • Glass Type
  • Wine Temperature
  • Wine Variety
  • Decanting 
  • Holding the Bottle
  • Drinking the Wine

It might seem like a hefty list for such a simple task, but when we explain it all, you’ll see how each factor contributes to the best glass of wine possible. 

For Starters…

The first step to pouring any kind of wine is determining exactly what type of wine you’re dealing with. You’re going to need different equipment and methodology for white wine than you will for red wine, so don’t skip this step! 

Tip: If you’re more partial to white wine, sparkling wine, or rosé, make sure the bottle has been refrigerated before you open it.  For red wine enthusiasts, leave that bottle of wine on the counter because red wine tastes best at room temperature. 

Selecting Your Tools

Once you’ve successfully prepared your wine, it’s time to select the glass you’ll use! The shape and size of your wine glass can actually affect the taste of your wine, though not by much. You don’t need to have specifically sized glasses for every type of wine, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little variety.  

Tip: Because white wine is served cold, a slightly thinner, taller wine glass can help it stay cold for longer. Alternatively, red wine works better in a wider glass, as it gives the wine space to open up and breathe.

Now that you have your wine glasses sorted out, it’s time to learn the proper way to serve wine, starting with how to hold the bottle. 

How to pour the perfect glass of wine

How To Pour Wine 

There is an art to pouring wine professionally; that’s why sommeliers are so good at it! 

To start, never pick up the wine glass you are pouring into, and instead, leave it on the table in front of you. If your wine has foil over the cork, use a small knife, or preferably a wine key, and cut the foil along the lower or secondary lip of the bottle. This prevents the wine from dripping behind the foil, which has the potential to ruin future pours.

Uncork the bottle of wine, and hold it in one hand on the lower half of the bottle. Your other hand should be free or holding a towel to wipe up any possible drips or spills. From there, all you have to do is pour! 

Tip the bottle over the glass, and pour in a steady stream. You can pour along the inside of the glass or directly in the center, as this won’t affect the wine that much. 

To get the proper amount of alcohol, pour until the wine is level with the broadest part of the glass. Not many people know this, but most wine glasses are designed to make their widest point roughly equivalent to 5 ounces of liquid, the standard size for a glass of wine. 

Finally, when the pour is done, lift the bottle up quickly and gently, twisting the bottle to minimize the chance of spilling! Wipe the lip to clear any remaining drops, and place the bottle either at the center of the table or back into an ice bucket (depending on the wine). 

Voila! While this may sound easy, there are many other factors that go into pouring the perfect glass, like your wine’s temperature, aerating your wine, properly storing wine — we could go on and on. With the rules changing for each wine varietal, things can get complicated. 

The Best Way To Pour Wine

Wish you had your own personal sommelier to enhance your wine drinking experience? Us too. 

We wanted to make it easier for the everyday wine drinker to have a glass at home, which led us to make our “Personal Sommelier” Wine Aerator! 

The Wine Connoisseur is for those of us that enjoy a glass each evening, want to learn more about wine varietals, or are simply looking for an easy way to pour wine! 

Every glass is perfectly aerated, cooled, and poured, regardless of the wine varietal. Using our conveniently designed sachets of wine, you can genuinely pour by the glass, rather than taking a chance on a whole bottle at a time. 

As a blend between a wine aerator, pourer, and sommelier in one, the Wine Connoisseur is ready to revolutionize the wine industry, one glass at a time. So toss out your old handheld aerator, and get prepared for your new favorite wine appliance! 

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